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The demand for snacks is rising around the world, snack producing companies are in fierce competition to match this demand. Our company JAYANT  SNACKS AND BEVERAGES PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of ready to fry Papad Snacks. It was founded in the year 1987 in the city of Rajkot in the western state of India. The company popularly known as “JEPPY” and “WOW” has 30 + years of extensive experience in the field of Snack Papad production. Today JEPPY is a prime leader in the Snacks Papad industry in India.

Jeppy strives towards producing the best ready to fry snacks and ready to air roast Papad Snacks in the market. This portfolio of snacks encompasses 2D, 3D, laminated and punched shape. Jeppy formulates new shapes and excellent base taste from Cereals, Lentils, Vegetables, and Multigrain flours which customers would love and expect. The fine textures and crispiness of Snack Papad have made us win our customer’s hearts.

Our company operates on director’s core purpose as such “To Empower & Enrich Our Customers by Providing Innovative formulations, Consistent taste, and Plenteous Quantity of products” We believe “Research and development is in our DNA”; WOW conducts research on an average of 100-150 products every year on formulations and shapes. We have developed more than 300 creative shapes and 1000s of Papad Snack formulations. We offer large quantity whilst not compromising on consistent quality. With this, Jeppy has effectively created brand value and a customer base in the market.

The Papad Snack are used by the snacks industries to consume as deep-fried or hot air roasted to expand the shape. We offer customized products for our customers on a domestic and international scale. Jeppy’ s outstanding facilities alongside the option of customization of snacks has increased its demand in the market for Papad snacks, leading it to expand and establish four subsidiary plants and is still enthusiastically expanding.

With the company’s vision and its core purpose, JEPPY has set itself up as a reliable brand that guarantees a 100% steady and plenteous supply of snacks to our customers with a vision “To Be the Global Leader in Snack Papad Industry.”