Jeppy's Quality

Qaulity Policy

It is the policy of Jayant Snacks achieve total quality through performance excellence. Total quality means – meet the requirements, produce error-free work, manage by prevention and measure by cost of Quality.

To meet the above defined policy, Jayant snacks has a three pronged approach: People, Processes, product.


People Create environment and environment creates quality. So we would always be alert on developing people to perform at highest standard. They will not only focus on their activity but activity in totality. They will help each other and stand up for what is right.

Quality consciousness at Jeppy is not a Rule but a Habit.


Well controlled systems roll out the best products. We will develop maintain and improve processes within the company to be error free. The systems will be self regulatory and independent of the person performing it. So even if we have shifts, we maintain the same standards round the clock.

Further, the systems will be self evolving, meaning, they will go after the cause of an error and eliminate it once and for all. This way the system grow with every identified error.


While people and Processes do not touch the consumer, products do. So all that we do in the other two areas shows up in this one. Our products are of prime importance to us as they speak about our love for quality.

We employ stage wise as well as final inspection to ensure that the products that leave our premises are on the highest quality and the standard is maintained consistently, bag after bag.