Company Mission

Our Company Mission

Stimulating and challenging environment for all JEPPY'S directors, managers and supporters.

JEPPY'S mission is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative and un-matched snack products that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.

To Develop and deliver snack pellets that are of unmatched quality and paramount hygiene, in New Formulation, New Shape and New Cutting style of the snacks.

  • To increase levels of quality and production.
  • To train employees attitudinally and technically to carry out their job hygienic in the best possible manner.
  • To make a sustained effort to promote JEPPY Brand.


Philosophy and Values Philosophy The basic Philosophy of the company is to be value based and add value to every person or organization attached to us. Our value system and culture are all directed by this philosophy as you will read below. Values The values that we share at JEPPY'S in carrying out their missions are:

  • Human Resource enhancement.
  • Innovation.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Increase in Customer relationship

Human Resource enhancement. Empowering people comes naturally to us as we believe that "People Move products…Not the other way round…". JEPPY'S believes in the high standards & quality of the people ensures success of the company. JEPPY'S provides ample scope to the employees to develop & improve their professional & human skills. We strongly promote the idea of team work, as TEAM means TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHEIVES MORE. And people share the thought as WE rather than Me. Every employee is trained to work in more multiple areas. High transparency prevails in the organization, giving rise to healthy competition rather than politics. We welcome constructive criticism and regard this as an incentive to further improve the company. The culture that we strongly promote include • Loyalty and dedication to our Company, our customers and each other • A passion to serve • Treat each other, our customers and our vendors with dignity and respect • Diversity will be honored by all • Change as a catalyst. Change is necessary. Welcome change for better. • Positive and harmonious work environment that supports career development • Open and honest communications to our Associates and our cutomers.


"Every Idea is like a seed, We need to nurture it to give fruits…"

In keeping with the Human Philisophy backed by innovation, we welcome ideas from any person internal or external for improvement of products or systems that produce it. The management has been open minded and ego free in accepting ideas from the lowest of levels.

Social responsibility

It is imperative for any particular organization to be socially useful while protecting its profitability.

Environmental Care

In the same direction, we would like to take every measure as a manufacturing unit to take total care of the environment. Industries are believed to be pollution creating. We would like to be more responsible in the area and reduce pollution to the bare minimum levels. Further, the company is committed to using every aspect of recycling in process as well as material. We would also maintain green spaces and plantations to more than the required levels.

Ethics in Business

We will strive to maintain the highest levels of ethics towards every living being that comes across our business. Customers, Employees, suppliers or birds and animals touching us will be treated with dignity. We would maintain a "high touch" in a "high tech" environment.